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90 Seconds, the World’s Cloud Video Creation Platform. Create video anywhere!

The 90 Seconds Workflow lets you work alongside your production team at every step of the way to ensure speed and accuracy.

Be on set, no matter where you are.

Follow your crew on a live map.

Eric Brown “It just makes sense doing video production in the cloud”

See footage as a shoot progresses.

Eric Brown “I can work with footage from anywhere in the world, communicate with anyone, anywhere, and I can do that all in one place”

Built-in upload, playback, and storage eliminates the need for additional tools.

Get to your end product, fast

Workflow and notifications help tasks move quickly

One tool for the entire video, start to finish

Manage all tasks and project stages in a single tool that’s seamless, simple, and scalable

Communicate with your entire production team, in one place, so you can move faster

Simplify even the most complex projects

Easily manage multiple shoots, production teams, and locations

See all updates in one place so it’s simple to track and manage your team’s progress

Automated workflow keeps tasks and deliverables moving across roles and locations

The workflow, in conjunction with our creator network and asset management tool provides a complete video creation platform.

90 Seconds

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