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Auckland real estate agents The Property Market

Auckland real estate agents The Property Market can help you with your buying or selling a home as well as information on real estate commission, real estate fees, real estate listings. The Property Market are reinventing Auckland real estate agents.

The Property Market believe that Auckland real estate may not have changed for years but consumers have. Today’s homeowners are marketing and media savvy, they expect the highest levels of service and The Property Market can do this. The Property Market also know that homeowners thirst for information and they don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach. The Property Market have information surrounding real estate commission, real estate fees, real estate listings and are your local Auckland real estate agents.

So The Property Market are doing things differently. They have their real estate listings online, and each home is given its own webpage. They have salaried salespeople who are trained to get the best possible sale price, they don’t have a high street branch, they market their real estate listings online and run a more cost effective business than the mainstream Auckland real estate agents which means they can offer a more reasonable real estate commission fee. The Property Market are also fully licensed and a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand.

Their business model is fundamentally different from the mainstream real estate agencies. Rather than using self-employed contractors who are paid only on real estate commission, they have salaried employees who are trained to get the best possible sale price in the shortest possible time. They analyse the current market data to realistically estimate the sale price for a property, create a marketing campaign that targets the right buyer, run the open homes and viewings, negotiate the offers and guide purchasers through the conditional period to ensure a sale proceeds smoothly.

Their sales team are remunerated with a modest base salary plus a healthy real estate fees bonus for making a sale. This unique remuneration structure gives them the comfort and the added incentive to work hard to achieve the best price for our sellers.

The Property Market are here for all your home buying and selling needs, from real estate commission, real estate fees to real estate listings. The Property Market are your best option for Auckland real estate agents services.

For more information visit http://www.thepropertymarket.co.nz/

Property Market

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