Creating A Killer Kickstarter Video

Posted 7 months ago | by 90seconds

Are you ready to get funded? Kickstarter contributions continue to grow year over year. In 2015, people contributed nearly $700 Million to campaigns, a 35% increase over the pervious year. This can lead to the false perception that getting funded is easy. Yet according to Bloomberg Business Journal only 44% of campaigns get fully funded and as many as 10% never get a single pledge.It’s not easy to get noticed. If you want to start a killer Kickstarter Campaign, you need a great Kickstarter video.

What makes a successful video. Is it special effects? Great dialogue? Expert acting? Or something more. Let’s explore what makes a Killer Kickstarter video for your next Kickstarter campaign.

  • The Hook – Your Kickstarter videos have to get their attention. If you don’t do this, nothing else matters. This could be through the video title or those first few impactful seconds that draw the person in to learn more.
  • Tell a memorable story – Your Kickstarter video should tell a story. If you are trying to get funding for something that solves a problem. The problem should be demonstrated through a visual narrative. Stories hold attention. They show rather than tell. People want to find out what will happen next. Work the narrative to hold attention to the very end. And after the viewer walks away, they should be left with an imprint, an inability to forget what they just saw, and hopefully and urge to share.
  • Get people excited – Yes, you are very excited about the movie for which you need funding, but is this excitement translating to someone who knows nothing about you. What is unique and special about your idea? Why should the contributor want to be a part of your mission? And don’t underestimate the power of music to inspire excitement.
  • Make sure visuals match the script – If you reference a moldy cheeseburger in the script for some strange reason, we need to see one. The visuals need to synch to what the actors are saying to reinforce your message.
  • Don’t over-explain it – You don’t want to be too vague. People should know what they are funding and need to know that you have a plan. But a lengthy video that explains every detail of the process will not serve you well. The most successful videos are a concise 2-3 minutes.
  • Don’t hire actors – Depending on the type of video, you likely will be hiring actors, but choose the right ones. There is something very genuine about casting people who seem like real people. People don’t like to feel “sold” by other production. Professional and quality production is important and quality equipment doesn’t hurt, but don’t allow the production to appear too staged.

Posted 7 months ago | by 90seconds

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