Project Blank Canvas & Start-Up Garage presents: Alan Schaaf – Imgur

In partnership with Project Blank Canvas and TEDxWellington, Startup Garage presents the first GARAGE SPECIAL event featuring Alan Schaaf – founder of Imgur.

We’re The BizDojo. We are a network of co-working environments where talented people come together to connect, work more productively, learn, and contribute to the community of kick-ass creatives, techies and entrepreneurs.

We’re creating a new space (Project: Blank Canvas) which you and other businesses in the innovation, tech, creative sectors in Wellington can call home, whether through basing your business there, attending or hosting events, or seeking resources.

We envisage this space as being an integral part of the NZ ecosystem through its close ties with other centres and their corresponding hubs, and ability to pull in support and involvement from various development agencies, government groups, tertiary providers and businesses in a neutral and collaborative environment.


The way in which 90 Seconds contributes to the start up space and promotes its messaging is hugely valuable.

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