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How It Works For Creators

Lots of Jobs

90 Seconds has produced over 10,000 videos and continues to produce 1000s more. 1000s of videos means 1000s of jobs.

Work With Global Brands

90 Seconds is used by some of the worlds biggest brands, including Barclays, Paypal, Sony and Microsoft. We produce videos for these brands all over the world.

Everything Managed Online

The entire video production process is managed online. Everything you need is communicated, stored, reviewed and delivered in one place.

Get Paid Fast

Once you complete a job it is automatically sent for processing and payment. Less paperwork more payments faster.

All the Features You Need

Everything you need to get more work and deliver video projects with ease

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Work with the Worlds Biggest Brands

90 Seconds is used by Global Brands including Uber, Microsoft, Google and PayPal

Collaborate with Other Creators

Work with over 6,000 creators, in over 40 catergories with varing specalities from online to TVC

Complete Workflow

The whole video production process is manage online in our simple to use cloud platform from plan to publish.

One Place

All your video projects, jobs, communication, profile and everything you need from brief to footage, stored and managed in one place.

Web & Mobile

Access the 90 Seconds platform anyhwere, at home, on the go, or on shoot.

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