Supporting and Funding Inventors – Pablos Holman – Web Summit London 2013

Pablos Holman, Inventor and Hacker, talks to 90 Seconds at the Web Summit London 2013 about Supporting and Funding Inventors.

90 Seconds Presents, the 2013 London Web Summit Thought Leader Series..

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The Web Summit London 2013 is the fastest growing tech conference in Europe. The Web Summit London 2013 brings together numerous thought leaders doing innovative and interesting things.
Hacker & Futurist

Pablos is a futurist, inventor, and notorious hacker with a unique view into breaking and building new technologies.

Pablos is consulting worldwide on invention and design projects that assimilate new technologies – making wild ideas a bit more practical and vice versa. He helped create the world’s smallest PC; 3D printers at Makerbot; spaceships with Jeff Bezos; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a Wi-Fi seeking robot
Intellectual Ventures Lab focuses its research on the very beginning stages of invention, validating the concept and refining the technology to demonstrate its potential for commercial or humanitarian use. We believe our unique approach, incredible people, and the lessons we’re learning along the way will position our inventors, scientists, and engineers to be the sparks that ignite tomorrow’s progress.

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