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Belgium Video Production

Located in the northern edge of mainland Europe sits the country of Belgium. While it’s most often renowned for its waffles and chocolates, Belgium has much more to offer videographers interested in capturing unique and vibrant vistas. Bordered by France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, the country is rich with thriving culture and provides a stunning background for a variety of projects. Whether you’re looking for beautiful coastal plains, forested hills, rugged caves and gorges, or fertile valleys, Belgium has it all. If you’re seeking a more urban backdrop, Brussels and Antwerp have over a million residents each, most of whom will be able to speak Dutch, French, German, or a combination of all three. No matter where you’re located in the country, always make sure you have your camera at the ready, as you never know what compelling scenery you might stumble across.


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Top Belgium Filming Destination

Caves of Han

Located in the quaint city of Dinant on the Meuse River, the Caves of Han are a major Belgium tourist attraction. This series of caves and grottos rank as some of Europe's most prominent. Scientists estimate they were formed by underground erosion of limestone.

Grote Markt in Bruges

Sitting in the center of the charming city of Bruges is the Grote Markt. This square features a number of beautiful medieval buildings, including the Belfry Tower from the 12th century, the Provincial Court, and statues of Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck.

St. Rombout Cathedral in Mechelen

Climb to the top of this cathedral, which was completed in 1520, and you'll be reward with a stunning panoramic view of the entire city. With your camera, you'll be able to capture glimpses of the Antwerp Port and record the tower's original 49 carillon bells chiming.

Grand Place in Brussels

Of course, you'd be remiss to skip out on the opulent Grand Place in Brussels, which is the city's large central square. You'll be able to capture the archaic Town Hall, decadent Breadhouse, and various other guildhalls while tourists and locals meander across the cobblestone expanse.

Castle of Bouillon in Ardennes

For more medieval beauty, the Bouillon Castle in Ardennes is a must-see for all videographers. Stroll across the old bridge that carries you over the sparkling Semois River and peruse the castle's elegant greenery. Climb to the top to capture the picturesque, panoramic views of the small village of Bouillon below you.

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