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Brazil, the Federative Republic of Brazil- is a dream location for videographers. It’s the largest country in Central and South America, and it has everything a photographer or videographer could hope for; stunning tropical locations, iconic monuments, ancient ruins, thousands of miles of rain forest, urban environments, cities, and rural villages. It contains much of the Amazon rain forest and is recognized as having the greatest biological diversity on Earth.


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Top Brazil Filming Destinations

Rio de Janeiro

First off, there’s the Christ the Redeemer monument, possibly the most photographed monument in the world. A list of cinematic hot spots in Brazil would be incomplete without Rio de Janeiro. There are lots of touring opportunities such as hang-gliding, and cultural tours, if you’re doing a cultural or adventure video. The birds-eye view of Rio is unbeatable! Trekking is a possibility, a great chance to get some wildlife footage. Take your crew to one of the seven wonders of the world. The ride up to Christ the Redeemer is quite a film worthy journey. Consider a tour of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches for a leisurely travel commentary segment and follow it up with coverage of the nightlife in Lapa, a neighborhood with bars and clubs for a perfect cultural segment.

Porto de Galinhas


This beautiful location has been voted “Best Brazilian Beach” eight times by the Brazilian magazine Voyage & Tourism. Rustic and full of charm, it is roughly 60 miles south of Recife and was once an isolated fishing village which now is accessible to those looking to relax on the town’s amazing beaches. If your camera and crew are suited for a submarine journey, snorkeling is a big deal here behind the reef. These natural aquariums are home to many colorful species of fish.

Lençóis National Park


Located to the south in Lençóis, there’s a view that will leave you, and your audience, breathless. The national park is a truly unique desert. Rain gathers in troughs between the dunes resulting in magical turquoise lagoons that will stun your viewers. The lagoons contain many species of fish, one of which remains dormant during the dry season. The contrast between white dunes and crystal lagoons make Lençóis one of Brazil’s most photogenic locations.



Brazil’s first colonial capital and one of the oldest cities on the continent. Salvador is called Brazil´s capital of happiness. A great location for filming culture and human interest features, it has outdoor parties and the largest street carnival in the world. Located by the sea, Salvador’s rich music, culture, and history come with an unbeatable seaside backdrop.

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