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China is a diverse, regional superpower whose borders cover an area of 3.7 million square miles. Its varied landscape is comprised of soaring mountains ranges such as the Karakoram, Tian Shan and the Himalaya, as well as forest steppes, deserts and tropical forests. In addition to a 9,000-mile long coastline along the Pacific Ocean, China is bordered by several seas, including the South China and Bohai. It is also the location of the third and sixth longest rivers in the world, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, respectively. Regardless of the desired goal of video production in China, the perfect locality, background, climate and other elements can be found within the expansive borders of this breathtakingly beautiful country.


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Top China Filming Destinations

Wusonkou Pactaiwan Wetland Park

Situated at the confluence of the Yangtze and Huangpu Rivers, Wusonkou Pactaiwan Wetland Park offers a nearly two-mile long riverbank. Located in eastern Baoson District, it's perfect for China video productions that require expansive views of the river.

Nanyuan Jiangbin Park

With a variety of foliage on display, including crape myrtle, sycamore, golden stem, and red maple, Nanyuan Jiangbin Park provides lots of contrasting colors. Before it became Nanyuan Jiangbin Park, this expanse used to be the site of the Shanghai Expo. While you're there, don't miss the color displays of tulips.

Qu Family Compound

Located in Qi County, the Qu Family Compound is an excellent example of a residence that belonged to a successful merchant family. The Qu Family Compound is more than 300 years old and is notable for its five-layered design. It includes more than 25 courtyards, 240 rooms and several museums.


There's a reason why Gulin figures so prominently in Chinese folklore. It's the ideal place to view the karst peaks as they contrast with the Li River. Elephant Hill deftly combines river with rock for a particularly scenic backdrop for China video productions. Or head to Longsheng and marvel at the terraced mountain rice fields.

Naigu Stone Forest

Naigu Stone Forest has five distinct areas: Baiyun Cave, Eastern Area, Old Battlefield, Western Area and Baiyun Lake. The topographical diversity of Naigu Stone Forest, with its black volcanic rock causeway, grasslands, karst caves, spiky stones and large waterfall, provides the ideal setting for any project that needs video production in China. Though it has been designated a World Heritage site, Naigu Stone Forest is far from crowded.

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