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An often overlooked destination for tourists and business people alike, Cyprus is a small island located in the Mediterranean ocean off of the coast of Greece. Because of its location, it shares many of the architectural features and landscape options that the other countries in located in the region share; however, it does offer some other environments due to its island nature. Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, sitting behind Sicily and Sardinia, and has two large, mountainous regions on the island. It also has a large plain called the Mesaoria plain, drained by a large river called the Pedieos river. The weather on the island is tropical or subtropical, with warmer winters and hot summers. The people on the island are known for the friendly nature and have a diverse culture that they enjoy sharing with visitors. In fact, there are some perfect locations for video production in Cyprus.

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Paphos is one of the most popular coastal destination that the island has to offer. It is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-blue water. The location is also unique because of its diverse archaeological sites. Movie production crews may be able to find something interesting about these sites and incorporate them into some shots.

Ayia Napa

For those looking for a nightlife scene, look no further. This coastal destination is known for keeping the party going late into the night hours. It also has a beautiful monastery for those looking for an architectural feature for their next shot.


Sometimes, move production in Cyprus may warrant an underwater shot. For those with the right equipment, this might be the place to get it. Larnaca is known for its diving options, providing unique shots that can only be seen underneath the blue water of the Mediterranean.


This location on Cyprus is known for two different features. The first is the Limassol castle, a towering structure that harkens back to a time long since passed. Limassol is also known for a beach called the Governor’s beach, offering some of the most beautiful backdrops on the entire island.


Just because the island is a popular tourist destination doesn’t mean it won’t have a bustling city. This is the capital city of Cyprus and is known for its diverse range of museums and Venetian city walls. If a busy city is needed, this is the stop.

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