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Those who think about New Zealand often think about a tropical climate on a beautiful island complete with opportunities to go scuba diving, zorbing, and bungee jumping. One of the island’s most populous cities is called Hamilton. It rests on the banks of the Waikato River and has a large urban area that provides unique scenery in a metropolitan city. The city was initially founded as a center for agricultural services but now has a booming economy with a focus on research and education. In fact, the city is home to a large concentration of graduate students and Ph.D. scientists. Because of its unique combination of metropolitan areas and natural scenery, the city has become a popular location for video production in Hamilton. The city is home to a population of friendly individuals eager to show off everything that their city has to offer.


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Top Hamilton Filming Destination

The Hamilton Gardens

These a meticulously landscaped gardens that are modeled after a number of influences including Tudor, Japanese, and traditional Maori cultures. They have a wide variety of plants with aquatic backdrops and unique architecture that can offer some beautiful locations for video production in Hamilton.

The Waikato Museum

This is a gorgeous museum that puts on a powerful set of rotating exhibits at focuses on the culture of the indigenous population as well as the city of Hamilton as a whole. They also bring in artifacts from other locations. Both the exhibits and the structure can create a unique feel for a movie scene.

Skycity Hamilton

For those filming a fast-paced movie, this is a can’t-miss stop. This is a gaming and entertainment center in the city of Hamilton complete with a cache of restaurants, casinos, bars, live music, and even a bowling alley. The action-packed complex is perfect for many different movies.

The Hamilton Zoo

Anyone in need of animals for video production in Hamilton should take some time to check out the zoo. It is home to around 600 animals complete with an aviary that people can walk through. If the movie needs animals, this is the place to stop.

The Waitomo Caves

This is a unique natural feature that offers opportunities to go caving and rafting. This village is one of the most popular tourist attractions and has some visual that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Stop and check out everything this location has to offer.

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