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Havana Video Production

As one of the Caribbean’s oldest and largest cities, Havana has been a center of Hispano-American culture for five centuries. The city has seen the rise and fall of countless empires, governments, and economic systems, all of which are reflected in its architecture and culture. No filmmaker interested in Latin America can overlook a city as vibrant and important as this. Havana video production may seem daunting at the start, as the city has no shortage of museums, cafes, and historic neighborhoods to choose from. Though there are no wrong choices, there are some especially valuable places to begin your project. The following five sites will give you a full snapshot of all that this urban area has to offer:

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Top Havana Filming Destination

La Habana Vieja

As the original site of Spanish settlement, Habana Vieja remains a crucial part of the city to this day. Its baroque and neoclassical buildings, some in ruins and others being restored, offer a historic backdrop to modern music festivals and art exhibits. This provides a perfect opportunity for filmmakers to capture hundreds of years of history in one location.

El Museo de la Revolución

Whatever your political opinions, there can be no doubt that Castro and Guevara left an indelible mark on Cuba. This museum showcases their lives and exploits in the context of Cuba's entire history. Though you'll have to account for propaganda, filming here will provide a powerful perspective on Cuba's contentious political saga.


Havana has always been famous for its art, so artist José Fuster decided to present that art for all to see. Fusterlandia, the informal name for his home neighborhood, contains a litany of colorful tiles, murals, and turrets, all part of the artist's ongoing work. The result is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Havana and a great place to capture the city's artwork on film.

El Barrio Chino

Built by Chinese immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries, this neighborhood combines traditional Hispano-Cuban architecture with paper lanterns, dragons, and other traditional Chinese decorations. It thus provides a powerful example of the city's ethnic and cultural diversity.

El Malecón

This 7 kilometer boulevard is a great place to capture both the city's natural beauty and its intricate architecture. Any Havana video produced here will include historic and modern buildings, the ocean, sea life, and fishmongers all in one shot.

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