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Indonesia is the largest island country in the world, a true tropical paradise, and a cornucopia of cultures blending influences from Southeast Asia, India, China, and the South Pacific, as well as Europe and the Middle East. It is also a nation of geographical wonders, with wonderful beaches, seascapes, and vast coral reefs, lush jungles, and lofty volcanic mountains. Opportunities for unforgettable video production in Indonesia are endless, from scenes that are thousands of years old through the most ultramodern. Take video in your swimsuit on the beach or under the sea, or in khakis and hiking boots exploring the beautiful and fascinating natural environment of the islands. Then get dressed to explore the cities, with their thriving business, shopping, culinary, and entertainment districts. Indonesia offers subjects for the videographer that can truly be found nowhere else in the world, unique in many ways.

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Top Indonesia Filming Destination


Who hasn’t heard of this legendary ‘Island of the Gods’? Document picturesque volcanoes and gorgeous white sand beaches and sea life, and the ancient temples and ruins that lie between them. Then enjoy the vibrant nightlife and the famous seafood to be found in the tourist districts.


The capital city of the Republic of Indonesia is also its most populous with over 10 million citizens. It is the economic, political, and cultural heart of this nation of islands, a city of modern skyscrapers and sprawling suburbs, and offers the videographer a wide range of opportunities.


This town on the island of Java is the jumping off point for exploring Indonesia’s natural wonders, from the game preserve of Alas Purwo to the slopes of the volcanic Ijen Crater. Then relax on Sukamade Beach while shooting video of world-class surfing and sea turtles hatching their young.


Eastern Indonesia’s largest city rival’s Jakarta in activity, and is surrounded by popular attractions that make for some of the best Indonesia video production, including the wonderful Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park, with stunning waterfalls and wildlife, to the traditional shipyards on the beach at Bira.


This city in the western part of the island of Java is one of the production centers of the nation, with seemingly endless miles of coffee and tea plantations, and the many textile mills that produce one of Indonesia’s biggest export commodities. An interesting look at the industry of the nation.

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