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Video production in Jamaica is like the country itself – colorful, complex, and hugely rewarding. Jamaica is home to shanty towns and opulent villas, sandy beaches and green forests. Come to Jamaica to capture island life in its purest form.

The Jamaicans themselves are incredible subjects, going about their daily lives with a rhythm that is simultaneously intense and laid back. Even the humblest corners of the country manage to provide a lively atmosphere for what seems to be nonstop singing and dancing. Soon enough you (and your audience) will be feeling it too.

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Makes video production and editing a delight. It takes the pain out of all the co-ordination and project management that goes into setting up a shoot. And then makes life so easy at the editing stage because everyone's always on the same page and up-to-date with the latest feedback.

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Top Jamaica Filming Destination

Montego Bay

For white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and charming villas, head north to Montego Bay. This is Jamaica’s resort paradise, where tourists soak up the sun and sip fruity cocktails. If you are looking to shoot video in Jamaica that captures the classic Caribbean beach vibe, it’s hard to beat Montego.

Hope Gardens

Wildflowers, palm trees, and lily ponds dot the landscape at this hidden gem in the hills of Kingston. Hope Gardens is a colorful, manicured botanical garden that neatly combines English colonial sensibilities with island flora and fauna. Spend a day here and you will leave with a full roll of swaying palms, exotic birds, and locals and tourists strolling along blissfully.


Capturing Jamaica on film requires visitng more than just relaxing beaches. This dusty shanty town in Kingston reveals some of the rougher edges to life on the island. It also happens to be the birthplace of some of the world’s favorite music. There’s a toughness to Trenchtown that feels as timeless as the music of Bob Marley, who grew up here.

Port Antonio

Port Antonio is a gateway to all of the remote beaches, caves, waterfalls, and cliffs a filmmaker could want. Hidden treasures abound in the rocky oceanside landscape.
As the former banana capital of the world, Port Antonio boasts interesting urban environments as well. In the wake of the banana trade, there is now an active arts scene, and a lively street culture to go with.

Port Royal

Southeast of Kingston, the village of Port Royal stands as a visual testament to the complicated history of the Caribbean. Port Royal was a colonial settlement first occupied by the Spanish, then the English. The English built five forts to protect the city, which now lie in various states of ruin, and centuries-old cannon towers overlook tranquil blue waters.

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