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Video production in Peru offers thousands of possibilities, from ancient ruins to unique natural beauty to vibrant urban nightlife scenes. Following are just five of the many interesting and beautiful places in Peru.

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Top Peru Filming Destinations

The Sacred Valley

Situated high in the Andes, the Sacred Valley is considered the heart of the civilization of the ancient Incas. Indigenous peoples cultivated maize in the fertile soil using a method featuring agricultural terraces, which can be seen to this day. You'll see plenty of archeological remains among thriving Inca villages and other chances to capture the magic of Peru on video.

Machu Picchu

Originally established as a citadel, this ancient city sits high above Peru's Sacred Valley at almost 8,000 feet above sea level. The vistas are stunning, including the Sacred Valley in its entirety. Abandoned during the time of the Spanish conquest, Machu Picchu was nonetheless left intact by the invasion because the conquistadors never found it. It features three primary structures and several outlying buildings set among enthralling natural beauty.


Iquitos is the largest city on the planet that is completely inaccessible by road. Situated in the northeastern part of country on the banks of the Amazon River, iquitos is one of Peru's most popular destinations despite the necessity of accessing it via boat or plane and serves as a taking-off point for those wishing to video the waters of the mysterious Amazon River.


Don't miss Mancora if you're a surfing enthusiast -- surfers from all across the globe come to ride its waves. Even if you'd simply rather sit on the beach sipping a fruity cocktail than enter the water for any reason, Mancora offers an excellent shoreside vantage point for capturing Peru's vibrant surfing scene via video.


You'll find it all in Lima, Peru's capitol as well as its largest city. History buffs will be thrilled by the abundance of old Spanish architecture found in churches, monasteries, and even old castles, while nightlife lovers won't be able to get enough of Lima's lively social scene. Both the north and south ends of the city feature excellent beaches, and the entire city is sprinkled with options to try the renowned Peruvian cuisine, from small sidewalk cafes to 5-star gourmet restaurants. No matter what subject matter you're seeking for video production in Peru, you're likely to find it in Lima.

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