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Stockholm Video Production

Anyone who has ever visited the Scandinavian region knows that this is a beautiful part of the world with friendly people and unique attractions that are perfect for people who are interested in filming videos. Within this region, Stockholm is filled with diverse attractions that are the perfect setting for a variety of video production locations. In addition to the beautiful scenery, Stockholm is home is a unique mix of locations steeped in history combined with some of the most modern locations in the world. Even better, the Swedish population is made up of some of the friendliest people on Earth. With so many unique options, it is no wonder why so many people are visiting Stockholm for video production purposes. For some of the most attractive locations within Stockholm to shoot videos, continue reading below!


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Top Stockholm Filming Destination

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is a diverse location within Stockholm because it is filled with a number of points of interest. It has been around since the middle ages and therefore has a historical perspective that some people might find useful. It also has several beautiful churches along with an impressive amount of shopping. With so much in this one location. people from all over film videos at Gamla Stan.

Vasa Museum

For people interested in naval history, the Vasa Museum is the perfect stop. It is a maritime museum home to a 17th-century ship from the Viking era. For any video regarding the open seas or history, stop by this museum.


A slightly different museum than the last one, Skansen is an open-air museum that is home to beautiful farms and a wide variety of animals. Perfect for nature video production in Stockholm, don't miss the friendly animals at the Skansen museum.

Stockholm Palace

Many people forget that Sweden was once ruled by a royal family. The Stockholm Palace stands as a reminder of an era long since passed. Now, the royal palace has been converted into a museum but still has many of the royal features that people think of. Stop by for a royal shot!

ABBA: The Museum

The popular music group from the 1970s called Abba was originally from Sweden. The country has an entire museum dedicated to the group responsible for Mamma Mia! Any film that is looking to incorporate some musical history should absolutely check out this museum.

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