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Texas is possibly the most vibrant and diverse of all the states in the U.S. From rural heartlands to big cities and everything in between, Texas has it all. When it comes to video production, you could hardly choose a better place in the United States to bring your crew. Texas is as big as it is broad, and as American as you could want.


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Top Texas Filming Destination


As the largest city in Texas, Houston easily earns a spot on our list. It is quite a unique city topographically with rivers running through a bustling downtown area. There is a particularly Texan feel about the city center, with boxy and imposing architecture that does set Houston apart from other large cities. While it isn’t Dallas, one gets that ambitious, big business, 1980s camp-action feel in Houston that really gives this city its spirit. There’s lots of character to be documented, and a plethora of historical sites to make your coverage complete.

Padre Island National Seashore

Almost as primitive, and innocent as the Galapagos, Padre Island is there to remind the world that Texas isn’t all trucks and Bucks. It is a marvelous spot to film sea turtles, and turn your camera’s eye momentarily toward the howling dunes near the sea.

Big Bend National Park

Second in grandeur only to the Grand Canyon, Big Bend is a staggeringly beautiful landscape filled with enormous, sweeping, and ruddy red rock formations such as can only be found in this part of the continent. It speaks to the Texan affinity for all things large, and will be an indispensable subject for any video tour of the Lone Star State.

Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

Home to Texas’ rich cattle history and industry, the Fort Worth Stockyards District really tells an important part of the State’s history. It’s a place that is rich in rodeo culture and agricultural business making it a unique place to cast your lens and document a location that is uniquely Texan.

Hill Country

In the heart of the great state of Texas is a place known as Texas Hill Country. This region includes the city of Austin- a place that is unique in Texas for its liberal arts personality. Rich with arched bridges and beautiful natural rock formations in a rugged and open environment. If you enter the state from the west, this is a great place to start as your documentary progresses from the wooly western region to the bigger, more halcyon cityscapes.

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These interesting locales cast a shadow on the more over-used but iconic Texas video production location sites. Why not consider one or more for your next film project in the State of Texas?

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