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The largest city in Switzerland also doubles as its capital. The city of Zurich is a popular destination for almost everyone visiting Europe because of its beautiful scenery, unique architecture, friendly people, and reputation for watches and chocolate. Many people would be surprised to know that the city of Zurich has a history dating back thousands of years, as it was founded first by members of the Roman Empire. Today, the city is known worldwide as a place of international business, as some of the world’s leading financial corporations and companies have large branches in the city. In fact, most of Switzerland’s research centers are headquartered in the metropolitan city. The low tax rate has contributed to an economic boom that the people of Zurich have benefited from. The city has a number of locations that could be prime targets for those looking for video production in Zurich.

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Top Zurich Filming Destinations

Lake Zurich

Despite the talk of the metropolitan city and large corporations, the city is also known for a beautiful lake in the southeast part of the city. It has beautiful, green foliage with towering mountains in the background which make for some unique shots for video production in Zurich.

The Swiss National Museum

This is not a destination to be missed. The gorgeous museum rotates a wide variety of exhibits that range from ancient history to impressive arts and crafts and even an armory. This museum has something for everyone looking to film a movie scene.

The Grossmunster

This cathedral has a history dating back hundreds of years for use as a religious home of the Roman Catholic religion. The cathedral has two towers built in gothic-style architecture that could serve as a backdrop for a number of religious movie scenes.

The Uetliberg

This is a mountain in the city of Zurich that is part of the Swiss Albis chain. It has a peak elevation of close to 870 meters and is a popular location for both mountain climbing and skiing. Furthermore, the view from the top of the mountain provides some gorgeous, panoramic shots of the city of Zurich.

The Zurich Opera House

The opera house is a beautiful venue that dates back to the 1800s. It hosts ballets, classic opera, and contemporary acts. The architecture is gorgeous and has numerous adornments on the inside that create an upscale feel that some movies are looking to create.

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