Brand Testimonials

Refreshing to find a company that could produce content that didn't cost the earth and was really high quality. Great, fuss-free and awesome experience
It was such a pleasure to work with the 90 seconds platform....10/10 would recommend. Will now be using 90 seconds for all video content across Australia and New Zealand
Shot in 3 countries and delivered on time. Love the quick response of the team and the quality of the video! Really happy with all elements of project, prompt and efficient all round.
Easy to deal with - really pleased with results, recommend to anyone - all team members friendly and responsive
I love how simple and easy is to work with 90 Seconds, we are very happy with the video! The whole process from start to finish was easy and effective. Very easy to navigate the platform, amazing people, the ideas and end result exceeded my expectations.
Great experience. Very good customer service
90 Seconds were able to adapt to a whole heap of last minute changes to the brief and working to tight deadlines.
Very efficient, easy and professional.
Breeze working with the 90 Seconds team, clearly understood the brief & was able to bring concept to fruition.
A very seamless and wonderful experience working with the team! Very happy with the final video
Fantastic platform. Easy to use.
As a first time user of 90 Seconds, BlinkMobile was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use from the platform and the simplicity of the workflow which yielded us a perfectly produced piece of content.
90 Seconds is a professional and creative team that will deliver what you want in your videos!
It's so super easy working with 90 Seconds that I recommend them to all my friends and colleagues. Overall, very impressed! High quality production, very responsive and proactive team, incredibly quick turnaround, and the platform is convenient.
Brilliant wrap-up video. Exactly in line with the brief. Very simple, no difficulties when communicating via the platform and easy to get hold of people
The 90 Seconds team offer a huge range of skills and talent to match your needs - a pleasure to work with!
Huge thanks and congratulations to everyone involved- this is exactly what we wanted and we're delighted with the outcome. Really great, quick, easy to use. Fantastic video!
90 Seconds are quick, professional and immediately "get" what you need. A slick outfit who are great to work with and have access to the best hired guns and freelance people.
We found it really easy going and we got exactly what we were after. Perfect. Super quick and easy
Easy, fast and very competitively priced. Love working on the platform as it just brings everything together in such a structured way. I felt so across the project the whole way. would absolutely use this service again. thanks 90 seconds!
A quick easy stress free platform that delivers on time and on budget
We've had great feedback, Love working with 90 . Good team, awesome to work with.
With eight videos to plan, shoot and deliver in two weeks, 90 Seconds exceeded expectations and absolutely smashed it. Lower cost, more efficient, more effective…The big thing that stood out was how quickly you guys turned this around
It’s the flexibility and national coverage of course, but it’s being able to bring that quality together at a compelling price
I would absolutely recommend 90 Seconds. We wouldn’t have continued to use them for 3 years if we weren’t incredibly happy. 90 Seconds are terrific to work with! Their contractors are exceptionally talented and they make the whole process simple and easy.
90 Seconds provided us with a really professional solution for our marketing needs and all within a well structured and laid out budget, and with the type of support you'd expect for something much more expensive. Really enjoyed working with these guys and already looking forward to the next project.
It was a huge task taking on 11 videos at once, but 90 Seconds made it happen. The online platform is genius. Thanks to all involved!
What I love about 90 Seconds? Hugely flexible, quality team members, and a great platform to just make it happen. They’ve delivered a number of projects for us and the time/cost/quality is fantastic!
90 Seconds are incredibly accommodating to work with - and such a friendly and fun company. They've helped us launch our video strategy, which is already paying off and I'm excited to see where we'll take things in the next year. They've got an innovative and agile approach, which has meant we can produce heaps of video quickly and cheaply.

Creator Testimonials

Creator TestimonialsCreatorLocation
90 has been my go-to portal for quick and easy jobs that add value to my portfolio as a cinematographer.Sathialingam ThanabalanSingapore
The platform of 90 Seconds is something I have not come across in 10 years of working in film and video. It’s simplifies the production process that is by nature very complicated. Get a contract, read the brief, shoot the project, upload and move on to the next job.Lachlan FrenchSydney
Discovering 90 Seconds has been a huge revelation for me. The platform makes planning, shooting, and editing projects an absolute breeze! Communication with the team has always been very fluid, and the work has kept me continuously busy ever since I joined. That, combined with the variety of the jobs, the people I get to meet, and the simplicity of working with an online platform makes 90 Seconds a pleasure to work with.Luke FraterWellington
Working for 90 Seconds over the past 4 years has really facilitated my life as a freelancer by offering me the possibility to continuously work on projects for brands big and small, wearing as many hats as I’m comfortable with. It has also enabled me to grow professionally and make connections throughout the industry, both in my home country and abroad. Awesome company.Massimo AmiciLondon
Working with 90 Seconds has given me a unique opportunity to collaborate with some talented professionals on some engaging and inventive content for the biggest brand names out there.Karamjit GillHong Kong
I also enjoy the platform as a means of staying in touch with both production team and client. It allows for an open, transparent and consistent line of communication. It’s truly a global company. I like that.Ross TinneyPerth
Working with the 90 team, they are always enthusiastic and lively. Their platform is successful in helping work alongside clients in an easy to manage one-stop-shop system. As a freelancer I enjoy working in this online space that can fit around other jobs and work, and I can clearly see what’s needed for each shoot/edit. It's clear what guidelines and deadlines I need to hit, and 90 Seconds has been a good contributor for myself as a lone freelancer, where work can be rather hard to come by.Bevan JonesAuckland
Working with the team at 90s TV has been an awesome experience for me and my team. The project managers are very friendly and helpful and they are also excellent at managing their clients leaving us to focus on what we really do best. I'm very glad to have found them and to work with them.Charlie AquinoAntipolo
It has been an awesome experience working with 90 Seconds, getting opportunities to be part of the production teams, generating content for clients from all sorts of industries.Tommy FokSingapore
Working with 90 seconds has been fantastic! Having a dedicated agency who essentially find work on my behalf is brilliant. It free's up my schedule and ultimately allows me to focus my attention on the creative elements for the client. The team are fun, friendly and a pleasure to work with. I'd recommend 90 seconds to anyone.Tom FarmeryLondon
Probably the biggest challenge of being a freelancer for almost 20 years now, has been the business end of things. I've had to "wine-and-dine", land gigs, and chase money when all I want to do is be creative. 90 Seconds is like having that business partner I always needed. Through their interactive platform I am in constant communication with my success managers who feed me work, as well as receiving feedback from the clients. This system really works well and I look forward to the future with 90 seconds.John PrescottMelbourne
It's clear, concise fun and a great way to collaborate. Film making is a truly collaborative art form and the platform is the best tool I've seen for working with other film makers on a global scale.Gareth MachineWhangarei
The diversity and challenge of the jobs is what makes working with 90 seconds so enjoyable. At Digicake studio we specialise in voice record and audio repair and these skills are constantly being put to the test by the team at 90 seconds. Also, being able to upload mixes right into the browser and the instant feedback system really helps streamline our services to the end client.Andrew McDowallAuckland
I’ve worked with 90 Seconds for a few months and am amazed by the energy and attention to detail that is brought to every contract. It’s also a great place to meet other freelancers. A totally refreshing and entrepreneurial company that’s making a massive difference in the corporate arena.Dez MightyLondon
"I have worked with 90 Seconds in Sydney since 2014 and they have been absolutely awesome linking myself to cool, fun projects! Having everything available on the online platform makes my job much simpler to complete. Working with the 90 Seconds team has been pleasant and enjoyable."Tae KimhyunSydney
When a job contract comes up with 90, you get an email straight away and you can accept the contract. I’ve found them amazing and easy to work withYvette Harvie-SalterAuckland
Love the platform! It’s a game-changer for me in terms of functionality and ease of useFernando HartAuckland
The best platform for freelancers to get work with high profile companies!Silvia LozzaLondon
I enjoyed my first experience with 90 Seconds. Although they’re based thousands of miles away, communication was not an issue at all. I learned all about the assignment from their well-designed site which also sent me daily updates and feedback from the client. It’s great working with an energetic team like 90 Second’s. Their great communication and support makes freelance work more exciting and fun.Hany HawaslyColumbia, Missouri
Great tool for new freelancers to get a step up into video production working with big name companies making great contacts along the wayMiren PatelLondon
90 Seconds is the most efficient production service I've ever worked with - and they're good people too.Oliver PurchesBristol
I'd been working for many years as a commercials director, then in 2014 I found myself working freelance again. I already had some clients and contacts of my own, but then when I joined 90Seconds in 2015, they were able to send me a lot more freelance work to keep me really busy! I've enjoyed working for many solid corporate clients through 90Seconds on many and varied video projects. The 90Seconds allocated budgets and turnaround times are always VERY tight, but it is certainly a way to work for clients who perhaps are looking for a company or agency to work for them rather than an individual freelancer.Chris GavinLondon
As a Freelance producer I’ve really enjoyed the workflow as a result to the 90 seconds platform. It’s a clear way to communicate from start to end. The contracts I receive are clear and after I agree to the terms I’m now able to view and contribute to get the job done. It’s an open book I can talk direct to the client and the project manager from 90 seconds within the platform. Everyone sees the communication trail and I get the answers needed to speed up the finished product, it’s the platform that makes this achievable. Lachlan HumphreysSydney
90 Seconds have been faultless in assigning work compatible with my skills on a regular basis. This platform is the real thing.George FelnerLondon