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Learn Kiwi English one-on-one and in a group environment through flexible sessions that suit your lifestyle.

Accent Solutions offers a variety of accent coaching services, tailored to suit a variety of personalities and lifestyles. We offer face-to-face accent coaching, including both individual (one-on-one) and group accent coaching. We also provide coaching via Skype, corporate support and other customised services. However it suits you, we’ll work together to help you learn a Standard English accent that will make you easier to understand in both work and social situations.

Accent Solutions targets include articulation of vowels and consonants, learning which vowels and consonants to use in which words, the importance of vowel length, voicing contrasts, speech rhythm patterns, syllable stress, linking, contractions, intonation, speed, pacing and pausing, loudness and projection, aspiration, resonance and voice quality, and pronunciation of irregular words, among other things.

All accent coaching is personalised in line with the results of an Accent Analysis, with mother-tongue influence being taken into consideration

Accent Solutions

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