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There are few things more expensive or harder to find than time. So why invest so much of yourself into finding the right actors, locations, director, scriptwriter and crew…when all you really need to find is the right animated video production company in Auckland.

With 30,000 videos, 3,000+ brands and 160+countries, 90 Seconds works.

Video Production that makes you feel like a Box of Budgies

When you don’t want to spend resources on the cost of a live-action video production or when you’d need Hollywood special effects heavyweights to even come close to your vision, animated video production is the way to go.

Dedicated success manager

Just because your video won’t feature any real actors doesn’t mean that you won’t have a whole team of video experts working hard for you—including your very own success manager, who is there to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Everything done on time and on budget

At 90 Seconds, we know there’s nothing more real than your valuable time. We respect that, and we do everything possible to make the animated video production…well, animated!

Cloud-based animated video production that’s a real beaut

Companies that are successful know that you don’t have to work harder to get ahead, you need to work smarter. Which is why everything we do, from the initial quote we send you to the final cut on your animated video production, is done on our online platform that keeps you informed and up to date in real time.

Over 12,000 Creators
Capable of Delivering Any Video Production Globally

Shooters, Editors, Directors, Animators, Voiceover Artists, Sound Technicians. Music Producers, Creatives, Drone Pilots, Lighting Technicians. Make Up Artists. Talent. Our community of Global Creators are ready to take on any project!

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Ready to help you

We hire only the best and brightest video professionals from across the globe—not just Auckland—so you know that you’re always getting A-class talent working on your animated video production project.

Everything’s easy to understand

Does professional jargon make you feel like you’re talking to a fake, 2D person with no chance of understanding? Well, that won’t happen when you work with 90 Seconds, Auckland’s favourite source for animated video production. Our work orders are always easy to understand. Guaranteed.

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