Auckland Cycling – The Auckland Transport Guide

Auckland Cycling, the Auckland Transport Guide, has been produced to help keep cyclers safe on our roads in Auckland. Cycling is the best way to explore Auckland and the broader New Zealands beautiful landscapes, as well as being good for the environment and better for your health. It’s also the best way to get to work, as well as being really good for our environment.

The more people who get cycling in Auckland the better!

Cycling safe in Auckland – you need to know the correct hand signals to use whilst riding around. The most tricky part of cycling is keeping a 1.5 mitre gap between the roadside and you, and cycling responsibly by using the correct gestures and having the correct road positioning as demonstrated to you in this guide by Auckland Transport.

Cycling Responsibly in Auckland – When you are coming into intersections you know the correct road positioning depending on which way your are going, and also using the correct hand signals, left, right and straight ahead.

This video by Auckland Transport is a how to guide for hand signaling and road positioning, to increase your awareness about Cycling Responsibly in Auckland.

Great for people wanting to get around and have an alternative means of trasport, Cycling in Auckland, and in other areas New Zealand.

Enjoy cycling, enjoy the New Zealand cycling ways, be safe, enjoy the ride, and follow the guide.

Watch our video series where you’ll meet some everyday Aucklanders who just happen to ride a bike. Watch the whole series of ten videos to hear their tips and tricks for cycling in Auckland. They’ll share their secret riding locations, tell you about the type of bike they ride, how they look after their bike, and the type of things they take with them. Two of the videos also cover basic road riding skills for beginners.

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