Auckland entrepreneurship challenge and ideas challenge vox pops

The Auckland entrepreneurship challenge and ideas challenge are part and partner with Spark and the University of Auckland. The bright sparks challenge is also part of this Spark. This video was published on Published on Jul 4, 2012.

Spark is a voluntary student-led organisation established in 2003 to help foster an entrepreneurial culture at the University of Auckland and throughout the wider NZ community.

Spark is acknowledged throughout the business community and the University of Auckland as a truly innovative, professional and effective organisation, run by talented students who have earned a reputation as New Zealand’s next generation of leaders. No previous experience is necessary, just the right attitude, passion, plenty of energy and lots of enthusiasm for this University of Auckland entrepreneurship challenge.

Ideas Challenge
Express your entrepreneurial side in just 1,000 words (about 3 pages) and you could win a share of over $30,000 cash in the Spark Ideas Challenge. Not only that, but all entrants in the Ideas Challenge gain valuable feedback from some of New Zealand’s top entrepreneurs and industry professionals, so you can develop your idea and enter it into the $100k Challenge.

The Ideas Challenge is part of the entrepreneurship challenge, which shakes out serious contenders for $32,000 in prize money, has seen 31 ventures winning a share of the prize pot in the early stages of the competition. The Ideas Challenge is the first step on your entrepreneurial journey, as Napoleon Hill said:
“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.”

Bright Sparks Challenge
If you are a postgraduate student, the Spark Bright Sparks Challenge allows you to explore the commercial applicability of your research. The Bright Sparks Challenge is part of the postgraduate research exposition called Exposure and is open to qualifying Exposure entrants. Just 500 words are required for the Bright Sparks Challenge and then your chance to win $1,000! Describe how your research can be translated into a product or service, what needs are addressed, and what is required to make it all happen. The top entry will be awarded $1,000.

Students get the opportunity to lead and work within teams that are responsible for a specific function of Spark. These teams have a budget and goals to achieve that are set out at the start of the year as a whole committee. Students get the experience of working within an exciting, high growth, entrepreneurial organisation. While adding real value to your CV, being on the Spark Organising Committee is an opportunity for you to leverage Spark’s contacts within the industry that can lead to internships and part-time or full time work as well as invaluable networks.

A total of 258 1000-word submissions prepared by teams for this entrepreneurship challenge, describing individual ideas for a new venture were viewed by 48 judges in the 10th year of the competition.

90 Seconds attended the prize giving ceremony.
For more information please visit:

Spark, The university of Auckland Entrepreneurship Challenge – Get Inspired!


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