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Looking for the best kindergarten, child Care centre, or day care? Superstart Preschool are your Auckland preschool professionals.

Superstart Preschool is your professional child care centre. As an Auckland preschool, Superstart Preschool understand the needs of busy mothers.

As a child care centre, Superstart Preschool provide a supportive and safe environment for your children to grow in. This Auckland preschool will both stimulate and challenge your child in a way that develops them as individuals in a kindergarten environment. Parents are an important part of Superstart Preschool, as they are part of every child’s journey, and Superstart Preschool encourage parents to contribute to their learning through partnership with management and our day care teachers. Superstart Preschool aspire to provide a diverse range of resources within their kindergarten, which children do not experience within the home environment, and prepare them with valuable skills for school and life.

Superstart Preschool is a great child care centre for your child’s education, who have licenced, certified teachers. This kindergarten offer a well-rounded curriculum, based upon developmentally appropriate practice as an Auckland Preschool.

Each day, you will find us singing, sharing, and learning about the world around us. Hands on learning, circle time, snack time, and outside play are hallmarks of an appropriate, well-rounded education for your child. Your child learns how to interact, share, sit quietly, and participate in a group at preschool. Come learn with Superstart Preschool, you’ll choose no other day care!

So if you need a kindergarten, child care centre, or day care, choose Superstart Preschool, your Auckland preschool professionals!

Superstart Preschool

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