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Auckland management consultant Stewart Forsyth from FX Consultants can contribute to the development of your people, leaders and organisation through performance management and performance leadership. Stewart Forsyth has particular skills in developing the systems that support effective HR (including talent magnetism, performance management performance leadership). Stewart can help evaluate individual and organisational capability and improvements in these.

Stewart Forsyth has worked in a variety of sectors; private, accounting, engineering and legal professional services, financial services, forestry, dairy and other food companies, manufacturing, distribution; public, New Zealand and overseas government departments, SOE’s, and local government; and with small businesses. As an Auckland management consultant, Stewart Forsyth has worked, including pro-bono, for NGOs and Not For Profits.

Stewart Forsyth has particular expertise as an Auckland management consultant, improving individual and organisational performance leadership. FX Consultants has designed and implemented a variety of performance management and productivity improvement systems. FX Consultants has a range of international experience in human resources development – from training needs analysis (including development centres), course development and design, through delivery and evaluation. As well as his work in Australia and New Zealand, Stewart has worked in Fiji, India, Papua New Guinea and The Maldives.

FX Consultants is dedicated to helping FX market participants tackle today’s competitive challenges by leveraging cutting edge technology and deep market experience, thereby ensuring they optimize trading potential, exceed customers’ expectations, and maximize market share.

We offer exclusive insight into the low-latency, high-frequency techniques and practices that aren’t just buzz words but core objectives necessary in the fragmented execution landscape unique to the foreign exchange market.

Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side, you face challenges that change by the hour in your competitive landscape. Let FX Consultants help you meet those challenges and achieve all your operational goals.

If you are looking for ways to increase performance leadership and performance management, then contact the Auckland management consultant Stewart Forsyth from FX Consultants.

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