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Looking for a cheap taxi without the guilt? Green Cabs is a New Zealand taxi company with an environmentally friendly approach. If you are needing an airport taxi or an Auckland taxi, or taxi services in Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown, then Green Cabs hybrid fleet can help.

Green Cabs are not just an Auckland taxi service. Green Cabs plant trees to offset the emissions they produce. Green Cabs actually do this in advance so when you get into one of their New Zealand taxis you can rest assured your travel is effectively carbon neutral.

It costs a lot less to go Green with the cheap taxi company!!!
Because our cars cost a lot less to run than your average taxi, Green Cabs consider theirs a cheap taxi service. A green New Zealand taxi means a cheap taxi because Green Cabs rates are also less than many of our competitors. So not only will you get a safe quiet comfortable cheap taxi ride when you take a Green Cab you’ll have a bit more money left in your pocket at the end of your journey. Choose Green Cabs for your next airport taxi.

Green Cabs New Zealand taxi:
The Prius is widely considered to be most environmentally friendly vehicle available in the market today.

The Prius is a series-parallel configuration hybrid, a vehicle that can run on just the engine, just the batteries, or a combination of both. Toyota’s design goals are to reduce the amount of pollution and to maximize fuel efficiency. To do this, it uses a gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain, incorporating large batteries that are charged by the gas (petrol) engine directly or by regenerative braking.

Either the engine or the battery (or both) can power the vehicle, depending on conditions. This gives it the acceleration and power of a standard car having a much larger gasoline-burning engine.

Tree Planting:
Here at Green Cabs we believe it is much better to plant trees to offset the unavoidable emissions we do produce, not just from our vehicles but from our entire operation. We also do this in advance so you can be sure that when you get into one of our Green Cabs the emissions have already been offset.

So the next time you are looking for an airport taxi or an Auckland taxi, call Green Cabs, The New Zealand Taxi specialist for the guilt free, cheap taxi experience. Green Cabs provide Auckland taxi services, as well as services in Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown.

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