Avante Baby Formula and Infant Milk Powder

Avante knows how to look after our future generations. We develop two type of infant formulas using New Zealand’s very own Dairy Farming industry.

The Avante team, based in Auckland, New Zealand, possesses the skills, knowledge and expertise required to facilitate the entire infant formula export process. We understand the regulatory controls in New Zealand and in overseas markets, labeling, the product registration process for baby formula in countries such as China, and market expectations. Every client can benefit from this advantage in terms of process efficiency and speed to market.

Here at Avante we have the best team! Our Nutritional Expert – Doctor Laurence Eyres is an internationally renowned expert in nutritional Oils and Fats, including the Essential Fatty Acids crucial to nutrition and regulation of all body functions, development of the brain and nervous system and to infant growth. Doctor Eyres is recently retired from the Board of the New Zealand Food Standards Authority and has been at the forefront of the growth of the Dairy industry in New Zealand for over 20 years.

In overseeing the crafting of our formulations, he works alongside our manufacturers’ food technologists and quality control managers.

Avante formulas are built on a sound platform of high quality throughout the entire development process: High Quality ingredients, Expert formulations, Proven quality manufacture, Specific ingredients are blended at optimum levels to deliver key benefits (see our Product Range for details); eg: DHA, ARA, Inulin, Vitamin D, Iron, Selenium, and Choline.

Our primary infant & baby formula manufacturer has been producing milk powders and baby formulas since 1970. They have a custom built plant in Auckland, New Zealand, and source only the best New Zealand milk powder (predominately from Fonterra) from cows which graze naturally on pasture in NZ and this forms the basis of our Infant formula and toddler milk.

The manufacture of whole milk powder is a highly skilled and professional business in New Zealand with quality and consistency an upmost parameter. This has helped our manufacturer build a reputation for quality that is second to none and is a critical element of the service they supply.

The cow’s milk powder is blended with carefully chosen ingredients to produce what we believe to be a balanced, nutritious, digestible baby formula that will meet all the requirements of your infant and toddler for growth and brain development.


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