Back pain and neck pain? Back For Good Grey Lynn Chiropractor

Back pain and neck pain? Back For Good Grey Lynn Chiropractor, more than your average Auckland back doctor. The Back For Good chiropractic approach is fantastic for all your problems relating to neck pain and back pain. Back for good and Dr Frank Pakenham are a Grey Lynn chiropractor and usually attracts those suffering from neck pain and back pain, to conditions like sciatica and migraines. Not just your average Auckland back doctor, Back For Good want you to take control of your body.

Back For Good first address spinal imbalances with chiropractic techniques, and then encourage a healthier and more stronger posture with exercise concepts that teach clients how to better manage stress and prevent unwanted neck pain and back pain.

Goal 1: Improve health
With a fully equipped boutique style gym, Back For Good can effectively assist those wanting to not just shape up but reach a few fitness goals and more importantly learn how to exercise without hurting themselves.

Goal 2: Get strong
Back For Good welcome and support all those that are wanting to take better care of themselves with a proactive outlook on their health and well being.

Dr Frank Pakenham – chiropractor / personal trainer
With 15 years experience as a ‘functional exercise specialist’ Frank not only delivers effective chiropractic care but also advice and support on exercise techniques which are designed to enable you to reach a more balanced and optimal state of health.

The practical and informative style of Frank’s work creates an environment of understanding on how to better manage your body in ways specific to you as an individual, so you can get the most out of life!

Back For Good are your Auckland back doctor, your Grey Lynn Chiropractor and are located at 142 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn within the Seven Senses Wellness Centre, just a few minutes drive off Ponsonby road. Parking is located at rear of centre down right side driveway. Don’t ignore neck pain and back pain, don’t see any old Auckland back doctor, See a Grey Lynn Chiropractor, see Back For Good.

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