Bin hire, skip bins, and Auckland rubbish removal with Mr Binz

Bin hire, skip bins, and Auckland rubbish removal with Mr Binz, will save you time and effort with their unique Auckland rubbish removal and skip bin hire services in the north-west Auckland area for both residential and commercial customers.

Mr Binz operate the only trucks equipped with Palfinger cranes. This means they can lift bins or rubbish over fences or down banks up to six metres from the truck – ideal for steep sites or those with difficult access and Auckland rubbish removal.

Mr Binz trucks can lift and move or remove large items like old cars, with no property-damaging dragging. And their custom-built bulk rubbish removal truck can cart up to 30 cubic metres – that’s up to nine tonnes – of trash, scooping it direct from the site.

For casual skip bin hire, or permanent bins for businesses, Mr Binz is second to none, offering the highest levels of customer service.

This Kumeu skip hire company can provide a solution for pretty much any rubbish problem. If you’re not sure which of their services is best for your situation, just contact Jane on 09 412 9309, or email

The Kumeu skip hire company’s bins come in a range of sizes to suit all casual hire and permanent commercial requirements perfect for Auckland rubbish removal. For their business customers, bins permanently on site are available inone, one and a half, and three cubic metre sizes.

For one-off casual skip bin hire, available for up to five days to customers such as homeowners, bins of two, three, five and nine cubic metres are available.

Having your skip bin hire delivered by a Mr Binz truck means their driver can put the bin where you want it – close to the rubbish – rather than just dropping it on your driveway and blocking your garage. Up or down banks, over fences – Mr Bins can position your bin up to six metres from where they stop the truck.

For big cleanups that won’t fit in a bin, this Kumeu skip hire company use their custom-built Palfinger-equiped bulk removal truck can handle the job.

Simply make a pile (or two) of rubbish and Mr Bins will pick it up straight from the ground. Their truck can cart 30 cubic metres and has a nine tonne payload with onboard scales to ensure maximum and safe loading.

And while they focus on rubbish removal, their truck can do light demolition work (sheds, caravans etc), remove shrubs directly from the ground, and dig holes. Use them for metal recycling and getting rid of old crops to eliminate plant disease.

This Kumeu skip hire company can even remove old car bodies – they’re no problem for their truck. With their Palfinger crane they can lift cars onto the truck without having to drag them, minimising property damage.

Heavy machinery can be lifted and moved to a new location.

Mr Bins have moved everything from play houses to chicken coops, lifted spa pools over fences and motors from boats. Mr Bins will give anything a go, and provided it fits onto the back of their trucks, Mr Bins can take it away for you.

So if you need Auckland rubbish removal, or skip bin hire, contact the experts, contact Mr Binz.
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