Get More Work by Being Technically Activated!

Posted 1 year ago | by 90 Seconds

Get More Work by Being Technically Activated!

You discovered a new online service, applied to join, got accepted, and now you’re waiting for your first job?

Or perhaps you still have questions and dont know where to turn?

Last year, we rolled out a new feature to make sure you hit the ground running and get started on your first job as soon as possible. Watch the video below about our new technical activation process for creators. You will also meet Sharul, who went through the process and won a new award called “The New Rated Creator of 2017” that we created to recognize new creators who receive the most 5 star reviews from brands.

Each creator that registers is now interviewed by a member of the creator team over a Skype video call to review their work and make sure their profile is 100% dialed in, ready for work.

As a network, 90 Seconds has always conducted a rigorous screening process for every applicant. The activation call now helps us as we look for creators with passion and drive – the same kind of talent that we want to work with ourselves. The technical activation call also allows us to:

1. Optimize a creator’s profile to match with the best (and most) work opportunities. We run through your profile and give tips to optimise your profile within our Creator marketplace

2. Provide guidance in how to navigate the platform, as well as the many resources in our Knowledge Base. We provide reference and support materials on how the platform works and guide creators to best practices and successful workflow.

Offering one-on-one creator support, right at the start of their journey, has been something we have wanted to offer for years, and we are delighted to offer it now, and improve the 90 Seconds experience for every creator. If you have not completed this step, it is likely the reason you are not being sent job opportunities.

If you have not completed a Technical Activation Call, schedule one today!

Posted 1 year ago | by 90 Seconds

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