Bristol Media Vision Creative Collaboration 2011

Vision Media Bristol, brings together the ultimate in creative collaboration, Vision gets the best in the business together. Sharing their knowledge, insights and experience they’ll pass on ideas that will inform, inspire, provoke and above all, stimulate.

The Vision Media Creative Collaboration Conference brings together a gathering of creative people from Advertising, Design, Digital, Marketing, Mobile, Social, Technology and TV you can hear talks and take part in seminars given by inspirational creative people.

Don’t miss the must-attend event for anyone in the creative collaborative industries – it gives you a unique opportunity to soak up more in two days than you might in two years.

With 14 different sessions a day there’s plenty of opportunity for you to pick the speakers and topics that really get you fired up.

Who you’ll meet

Vision Media Bristol is known for getting the most extraordinary mix of people together. You could meet your next Creative Director, or someone to help you pitch your next TV idea. You could hear about a new technology that will take your business to the next level or discover something that will change the way you think.
Why attend

– Gain insights and be inspired to take your creative thinking to the next level
– Learn about the trends and innovations behind some of the world’s most revolutionary creative business
– Hear first hand what is shaping the future digital landscape and the opportunities that will be created
– Meet like minded people, network and share ideas
– Soak up more in two days than you could in two years

Come join us here at Vision Media Bristol to empower your creative journey today, and get you talking with some like minded people.

Bristol Media

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