Content Marketing Conference – Conferenz New Zealand 2014 Highlights

Content Marketing Conference, run by Conferenz is all about getting found, generating leads and then closing sales. Join us as we talk over two days to you about how you can improve your business using various content marketing techniques and strategies.

Content marketing has always been about providing relevant, useful and interesting information for the customer. What has changed with digital is the way marketers research, target, distribute and measure marketing efforts. Digital has made content incredibly powerful. Join us to discover how you can create engaging content relevant to your target audience, distribute it quickly and effectively, generate leads, build relationships, increase loyalty and get useful insights from measuring marketing performance. Please visit the event website as we will be regularly
uploading blogs, interviews, and other useful content. You can also join the conversation by following #2014CMC on Twitter

Content marketing is becoming an important part of the marketing mix for many organisations.

With the help of social and mobile, it not only offers a more efficient and affordable way to acquire good leads with long-term value, but it can also increase loyalty of current customers. This is particularly important in an age where customers have many choices, have a lot of information (and hence power) and they don’t want to be sold to.

Good content:

• Earns the attention of the right audience
• Provides useful information, instead of focusing directly on products or services
• Can be entertaining
• Increases brand awareness
• Establishes thought leadership
• Is rewarded with new business, loyalty and referrals
• Creates opportunities to increase organic traffic and leads


We rated the 90 experience:

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