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If you want to get the point across to your employees, boring corporate videos won’t cut the mustard anymore. Instead, partner with an Auckland video production company that knows how to make videos that everyone in your organisation can’t wait to watch.

With 30,000 videos, 3,000+ brands and 160+countries, 90 Seconds works.

Don’t believe corporate videos can be a real beaut?

If you have the notion that corporate videos need to be serious and lengthy, we’d love to show you the alternative. 90 Seconds is an Auckland video company with international reach, and we’ve created more than 7000 videos—so we know the makings of great corporate videos.

Dedicated success manager

In the corporate world, project managers are essential to getting things done. Which is why at 90 Seconds we assign a dedicated success manager to each video project to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Everything done on time and on budget

You expect strong performance out of your employees, so why would you expect any less from your video company? With 90 Seconds, you get easy, affordable corporate video production and no missed deadlines. Ever.

Our promise to you: you’ll never get brassed off about (lack of) updates

We get it. Status updates on your corporate video production process can help you plan your own schedule, especially if you need to preview your video(s) to the C-suite. The 90 Seconds online cloud-based video platform shows you the status of your video at a glance, in real time. No need to play email or phone tag, just log on!

Over 12,000 Creators
Capable of Delivering Any Video Production Globally

Shooters, Editors, Directors, Animators, Voiceover Artists, Sound Technicians. Music Producers, Creatives, Drone Pilots, Lighting Technicians. Make Up Artists. Talent. Our community of Global Creators are ready to take on any project!

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Ready to help you

Auckland’s video producers are massively talented, but at 90 Seconds, we like to have a lot of options. We hire internationally and don’t limit ourselves by geography, so you get access to the best of the best in the world.

Everything’s easy to understand

There’s a good case to be made for plain speaking and everyone being on the same page. When you sign on for corporate video production at 90 Seconds, you’ll get a simple work order that lays it all out for you: deadlines, the process and deliverables, so there’s never any surprises.

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