90 Seconds is a global community of the world’s top video production talent on a mission to change the way creators and brands collaborate to produce videos and films. To date, we've worked with over 3,000 brands - like VISA, Uber, PayPal, McDonald's, Airbnb, Virgin, Lenovo and more - to produce more than 23,000 videos globally.

We’re looking for exceptionally talented Creators to help us create beautiful, high-quality videos. Have what it takes? Apply today and become a Creator.

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Open Positions

Freelance Video Editors Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Freelance Directors Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Freelance Videographers Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Freelance Video Editors Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Freelance Directors Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Freelance Videographers Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Freelance Video Editors Rabat, Morocco
Freelance Directors Rabat, Morocco
Freelance Videographers Rabat, Morocco
Freelance Videographers Taichung, Taiwan
Freelance Directors Taichung, Taiwan
Freelance Videographers Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Freelance Directors Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Freelance Videographers Taipei, Taiwan
Freelance Directors Taipei, Taiwan
Freelance Videographers Hyderabad, India
Freelance Directors Hyderabad, India
Freelance Videographers Kolkata, India
Freelance Directors Kolkata, India
Freelance Videographers Pune, India
Freelance Directors Pune, India
Freelance Video Editors Baghdad, Iraq
Freelance Directors Baghdad, Iraq
Freelance Videographers Baghdad, Iraq
Freelance Video Editors Muscat, Oman
Freelance Directors Muscat, Oman
Freelance Videographers Muscat, Oman
Freelance Video Editors Jerusalem, Israel
Freelance Directors Jerusalem, Israel
Freelance Videographers Jerusalem, Israel
Freelance Video Editors Tel Aviv, Israel
Freelance Directors Tel Aviv, Israel
Freelance Videographers Tel Aviv, Israel

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