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Harmonic is a leading data science company in New Zealand specializing in advanced data analytics and software development.

Harmonic takes analytics and software development very seriously. We treat and interpret data to support smart decision making, we really do offer our customers a complete data science company to help them with all the tools they need for smart decision making.

Here at Harmonic, our advanced analytics and software development take the information that our analysis unlocks which gives you the knowledge you need to increase efficiency, reduce costs and plan with confidence. If your business needs ongoing analysis in advanced analytics using our software development tools, our customised software tools do it for you. You’ll get easy-to interpret, vital information – as fast as you need it.

We bring a fresh approach to problem solving. Our smart, tailored solutions deliver tangible and lasting value, helping clients across industry sectors to optimise their operational expenditure programmes and improve return on investment, typically saving tens of millions per annum.

Our people at Harmonic are distinguished by their deep analytical ability and technical expertise combined with hands on commercial experience. We collaborate with universities and partners to complement our in-house expertise when required.

Here at Harmonic we are confident as a complete data science company that with our combined team of talented staff members we will be able to cater for your data analytics and software development needs.

Harmonic embodies a vibrant, diverse and inspired culture. Our clients tell us we are fun to work with. Lets make tomorrow, better together.

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