Entrepreneurial social enterprise Hum Salon and Falling Apple Charitable Trust

Hum Salon is an exciting social enterprise which is focused on the Stakeholder rather than the Shareholder. It holds to the fact that an entrepreneurial business can be more successful by focusing on people above profit. Falling Apple Charitable Trust, an arm of the this entrepreneurial business. Hum Salon and Falling Apple Charitable Trust are restoring the Derelict Heritage Villa at 123 Grafton Road using sponsorship, donations and money from the Hum Hut Coffee Shop and their delicious sustainable organic coffee. This entrepreneurial villa will hold a restaurant, café and deli with local organic food and organic coffee and sustainable fare and will be a music, arts and free-media centre under the name ‘Hum’. The business will be brought into fruition with the help of volunteers and those passionate about what Hum is building.

Hum are an entrepreneurial social enterprise; Falling Apple Charitable Trust and Hum Salon. The Hum Salon and Falling Apple Charitable Trust project is for Social Profit, Stakeholders being our priority rather than Shareholders.

Hum have just celebrated the completion of the first stage of external restoration of the beautiful iconic Historic Villa on the corner of Grafton Bridge and Grafton Road. Over 45 New Zealand Business’ and Community Volunteers contributed to what has amounted to close to half a million dollars worth of restructuring, repairing and restoration work! We have photographically documented the journey to-date and some of these images are showcased in our front room. Pop in for some sustainable organic coffee and see who has contributed and exactly what needed to be done to the villa to get her to this mile-stone.

In the next stage we want to build back-decks with views out to the cemetery and city, install a sustainable restaurant, cafe, arts, music and educational workshop centre with boutique gardens. What’s better than a walk in the organic gardens with your organic coffee. We will once again be drawing on New Zealand Business to contribute and gearing up for some major fundraising to lurch things forward at a good solid speed.

Hum are hoping to document the entire process, moving towards having the house taken off the grid and completely self sustainable; solar paneling, rain-water tanks and wool insulation are a few ideas. We will be gathering people with creative ideas to convene on best practice soon.

If you would like to help with Hum Salon and the Falling Apple Charitable Trust project in any way whether it be through services, words of support or a donation, then stop in and have an organic coffee or please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Hum Salon, a truly entrepreneurial venture worth supporting.

Hum Salon

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