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90 Seconds is one of the leading events video production companies.

90 Seconds is the BEST Event Video Production Company in New Zealand. Events are where 90 Seconds started as a business, therefore is also what we are the best at.

You found this video because you are looking for the Best Event Video Production Company, well you have found us! Our wealth of experience comes from working with some of the Smallest, biggest, brightest most innovative and creative businesses in New Zealand and the UK alike.

We are a rapidly growing, fast paced Event Video Production company, targeting New Zealand, the UK and more globally as we grow. We have worked with Kiwibank, ANZ, The AA, Moa, Snakk Media, The ICEHOUSE, The Ponsonby Business Association, The London Chamber of Commerce and many more. We also interview and film highly influtential business successors, for example Ryan Lawler, writer of TechCrunch, Rod Drury of CEO and Founder of Xero.

We film Events every two weeks, our unique cloud video production platform supports the entire production process enabling you to login and manage your video production online with 90 Seconds and collaborate with the 90 Seconds team and a crowd source community of approved video freelancers on the platform. This means that we can deliver you with a video the same day as we film it. For an Event Video thats what I call fast turn around! Image hitting your attendees email box the next day with a complete Event Video, to showcase the highlights of what they have just been apart of. Now thats what I call good business. “Hi Event Attendee, you attended our Event, and heres why you should attend our Events in the future”.

Event Video Production a growing space, and becoming more and more important to include in your marketing budget, why try explain something in words when you can capture the entire Event experience on Video. We are know for showcasing majestic and unforgettable experiences, for example, how are you feeling after watching our video?

Feel like your missing out? Contact us at 90 today (080090SECS), we are a fast paced, easy to work with, innovative, flexible, low cost Event Video Production Company, who will produce for you the best results, and make your customers come back wanting more.

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