Evolocity – engaging youth interest in science, technology & engineering

EVolocity is a new way of engaging youth interest in science, technology & engineering.

The EVolocity programme, is bringing project-based learning about electric vehicles to our high schools, tertiary institutes and any company or individual with a mechanical, electronics or engineering bent. It is challenging teams to build an electric vehicle and bring it to the motorsport park at Ruapuna, Christchurch on November 30 for a fun day of competitions. The whole programme stimulates innovation in a global growth sector.

EVolocity is an exciting new way of engaging youth interest in science, technology and engineering, and in the process, playing a role in alleviating skills shortages in these areas. It connects New Zealand with a 21st Century global growth opportunity. And it gives people the opportunity to see and experience electric cars for themselves so that they know from first hand experience that electric vehicles are fast, fun and the future.


Really well, very happy with how the project went

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