GHOST caught on film NZ Celebrity Mike Puru experiences the real spookers NZ Haunted house

GHOST at NZ Haunted House Spookers a real life GHOST encounter experienced by Mike Puru, NZ Celebrity and Radio Host for the Edge Radio station NZ.

This is the 30 second teaser video for NZ Celebrity Mike Puru and radio host for the Edge experiences a GHOST at Spookers NZ Haunted House, if you would like to see the full video visit

This video is part of the what would you rather series? Run by NZ favourite radio station The Edge

Mike Puru NZ Celebrity and radio host for the Edge Radio station, was to spend a night out at NZ Haunted House Spookers and take a video diary during the evening. Only he didn’t experience fun and games, Mike Puru instead had a real life GHOST encounter.

Whilst the 90 Seconds film crew were setting up they caught a real life GHOST apparition hovering around NZ Celebrity and Edge radio host Mike Puru. We played the GHOST back to Mike Puru but still couldn’t determine it as anything other than “extremely bizarre” to say the least.

Mike Puru NZ Celebrity and Radio Host for the Edge Radio station, didn’t know what sort of night he was in for, staying at NZ very own Haunted House Spookers.

NZ Haunted House Spookers, was formally known as Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital where many patients claim they experienced maltreatment, and a number of patients died during their time there. Its reputation for hauntings spread so far and wide, there are said to be GHOST who haunt the NZ Haunted House, however other people think that after Spookers moved in, the GHOST went somewhere else due to the disturbances to the energy fields, which is there ecosystem, how they survive.

Spookers NZ Haunted House operates at the old Kingseat psychiatric hospital, it is a live entertainment experience in which the victims(you!) move through theatrically themed NZ Haunted Houses, and outdoor environments populated by sets, props and live scare-actors and maybe if your lucky you will see a resident GHOST. As you walk through the experiences you will encounter visual, tactile, and sound effects intended to scare the yell out of you.

Spookers is the No. #1 NZ Haunted Attraction Scream Park in the Southern Hemisphere. Step into Spookers NZ Haunted House and become engulfed by darkness, fear and heart-pounding terror. “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.”


We rated the 90 experience:

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