Honey for wound care products using New Zealand Manuka Honey

Honey for is an old school remedy for healing wounds and assisting with immunity. New Zealand pioneers Manuka Health bring to you honey for wound care products using MGO Manuka Honey grown right here in our very own New Zealand.

New Zealand active Manuka Honey is well-known for it’s antibacterial properties. When taken orally, MGO Manuka Honey products can be very effective in relieving the symptoms of coughs, colds and digestive ailments.

New Zealand MGO Manuka Honey also provides a clean, moist, antibacterial environment perfect for the natural healing of wounds.

Professor Peter Molan is a pioneering biochemist and an expert on the benefits of using medical grade Manuka honey on wounds.

I’ve been asked why I think that Manuka Honey is the ideal material to use on wounds, cuts and abrasions there are many reasons for that.

Firstly, where I started the research with the antibacterial properties found in New Zealand Manuka Honey. It has a very broad spectrum of action, in fact we haven’t found any species that it doesn’t work on, and it works on wounds that are resistant to antibiotics, which makes it very useful in treating infected wounds, because so many bacteria these days are resistant to antibiotics.

And then besides that antibacterial activity, it has a very potent anti-inflamatory activity and inflammation is what stops wounds from healing – infection causes inflammation but other things can cause inflammation, so that anti-inflammatory activity is very important.

The anti-inflammatory action is also important because it stops scarring…you can get invisible mending – scar free healing – if you use active Manuka Honey on the wound.

…. it also stimulates the body’s own immune response, the white blood cells get activated, so they also help with clearing that infection. So the active Manuka Honey is very effective in getting tissue to repair the wound; to heal up a lot more quickly.

Besides these actions, honey in general has the properties of providing nutrients to the wound which helps with the healing process. And very importantly with the very high content of glucose that’s in honey, its providing the essential energy source for the white blood cells to get to to work – clearing up infection, clearing up dead tissue, and starting off that healing process.

Manuka Health in New Zealand produce honey for wound care products for the world made with medical grade MGO® Manuka Honey.

They can be used on abrasions, lacerations, minor cuts; and minor scalds and burns.

The Manuka Honey wound dressings are made from a solid state MGO 400+ Manuka Honey and Glycerine gel sheet, covered with a breathable stretch cloth.

The dressings come in 2 sizes and can be cut to shape. They are highly absorbent, can conform to awkward areas, and won’t adhere to the wound on removal.

Manuka Honey Wound gel is made from medical grade MGO 250+ Manuka Honey. It can be applied topically to wounds, grazes and minor burns, adding a protective barrier to the healing process.

Both products assist in reducing pain and odor, promote the formation of clean, healthy tissue, and are cooling and soothing on contact.

Manuka Health breast pads are also a wonderful natural honey product which provides soothing and healing relief for nursing mothers. They are made from soft cotton fabric with a pliable Manuka honey and glycerine gel sheet.

The breast pads can be re-used several times, and stored in the fridge to increase their cooling properties.

Given by nature, proven by science. Keep these Manuka Health honey for wound care products in your home first aid kit for fast, effective, natural wound healing.

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