How to be GREAT on camera with 90 Seconds

How to be GREAT on Camera, a video brought to you by 90 Seconds, a Video Production Company who specializes in making even the shyest person look GREAT on camera.

Here are a few Hints and tips video about presenting to camera, to make you look GREAT, and make your Video and Business stand out produced by 90 Seconds.

We want to understand the key messages you want to convey about your business, that way we can develop interviews questions which will allow you to have GREAT answers which will showcase your business at its best.

How to be GREAT on camera:
1. Its good to go over these questions and your answers, but not too much, you don’t want to come off sounding rehearsed.
2. Viewers like to watch people who are relaxed, professional and switched on.
3. Don’t fill the silence – it’s natural
4. Short, Strong Sentences are the best
5. Always maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to
6. Avoid looking at the camera
7. As a rule, it’s best to sit still or stand, avoid fidgeting and twitching
8. Mistakes are bound to happen, enjoy re-takes!
9. Avoid wearing anything that may distract viewers attention
10. Most importantly, have FUN and enjoy being a STAR, you deserve it.

Look GREAT, and feel like a star, allow others enjoy you too by following our video here today.

90 Seconds produce videos that get results. Your performance on camera is important in conveying information and your brand effectively.

Thanks! From the 90 team! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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