How to Become a Freelance Script Writer?

You might hold a prestigious degree from a notable film institution citing that you have successfully completed the course. However, knowing How to become a freelance script writer requires a bit more. First, you need a keen acumen in creativity that translates onto the pages of your script. In other words, along with any degrees, you should have an innate and ability to storytell so producers and directors reading your script, want to read more.

Play your strengths

Creating great stories at times rest more on how you present what you have to say moreso than what you actually say. Gaining creative writing skills to introduce in a compelling way, your protagonist and antagonist; what they want, why they want it, and who is standing in their way of getting it. Start by writing short stories, mini-books, and online articles for companies who pay you to write articles for their clients. Focusing on your career strengths can jumpstart your script writing career. For example, a background and interest in law enforcement and drama, ‘Who done it?’ and detective-type shows might give you a leg up on the drama and suspense/thriller genres.


Script writing is as open a field as books can be. If, as a new script writer, you find your writing is becoming stale, uninteresting, boring, or lack excitement try expanding genres. If you love drama but don’t know where to go, try dramedy. At times a simple move to diversify can propel you to the next level. Challenge yourself to new areas and move outside the box to refresh and create new ideas, storylines, climatic endings, and characters. There are no limits to how you diversify. This could mean diversifying characters who’s doing new things in new areas. How to become a freelance script writer first starts with writing. Don’t start by limiting yourself to scripts only. Writing books, online articles, or blogs is another way to move forward as a writer and move you beyond the stagnant stage into working and selling your work.

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