iCautionz – iPhone Video and Audio Safety App

iCautionz is an emergency safety app that sends off an alert to a contact or contacts of your choice by a simple touch on your iPhone.

You pre-programme your contact or contacts phone number and email address to any of these alerts, Video, Video and Audio, Phone Call, Audio, Photo, Photo and Audio, when any of these are activated, it is sent by txt and email with GPS co-ordinates of your location.

By selecting the Video and Audio function, your emergency contact or contacts will receive an alert that may require their immediate attention, they will be directed to a website showing your gps location, up to 10 seconds of recorded video and up to 10 minutes of recorded audio.

This safety alert app can also be used for non emergency situations, have you ever been in a position where you have wanted to record someone acting in a dodgy manner, committing something illegal or witnessing an abusive situation, by using the video and audio function, you can send off a recorded alert to another email address for future reference if so required.

As a parent, I built this for instances where my teenagers may require my assistance or they may want to record something that makes them feel uneasy, by one simple touch, this app allows a moment to be recorded – sent off to a contact – offering a last point of location with recorded evidence…something any parent or person could call upon.

Give this a try, it could be of use or not, but for something so simple to use, why not.


We rated the 90 experience:

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