Interior decorating with Anya Brighouse and Bedlam Interior Design Auckland

Interior decorating with Anya Brighouse and Bedlam Interior Design Auckland is a fantastic way to brighten up your home or workplace. Bedlam Interior Design Auckland is an interior design consultancy based in Mt Eden. Anya Brighouse is well known for her use and knowledge of colour and interior decorating ideas – and she regularly writes for

Want to shape and influence the spaces around you but don’t know where to start your interior decorating ideas? Speak to Bedlam Interior design Auckland to help design spaces for cultural and/or commercial interior decorating ideas. Bedlam Interior design Auckland is an exciting and challenging discipline focused on the production of carefully crafted interior spaces. Designed to serve as repositories for people and objects, Bedlam Interior design Auckland can influence dynamic social relations and profoundly influence the way you live and work.

Anya Brighouse is a mother and stepmother of four, wife of one, lover of wearing black and of living in colour. Anya Brighouse has an unhealthy obsession with young adult fantasy novels, and both animated and superhero films. That said, she will watch just about anything on film except things that depress the hell out of her.
Anya Brighouse often feel like she am living in some strange parallel universe where she appears to be slightly invisible. Anya Brighouse has a great love of New Zealand fashion (especially the more deconstructed black version), and fashion in general. She gets to see all sorts of fabulous things on her travels and wanted to make sure others got some of the great things she does. Also while she is working as an interior designer, Anya Brighouse gets to find some real colourful interior decorating ideas, and as she figures she can hardly fit another bit of anything into her own home, she may as well share some great pieces from here and there.

The next time you are considering your own interior decorating ideas, go to the experts, go to Bedlam Interior Design Auckland.
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