Jake Davy – Growth Hacker at 90 Seconds

Personal Profile of Jake Davy, Growth Hacker at 90 Seconds. Talking online video and working for a start up.

Why does web video excite you?

Online video is shifting brands away from traditional advertising and forcing them to become storytellers. So instead of faceless companies bombarding consumers with “shouty” promotions we are seeing smart engaging content that offers a glimpse into the personality and people behind a brand.

How is your role important to the production process?

My role has one objective. Online growth. It covers things like digital marketing, design, web development, user experience, content marketing, content distribution, inbound marketing, data analysis, SEO. Essentially anything and everything that improves the 90 brand experience and increases our reach online. As a young company going global we want to grow as quickly as possible and maximise our visibility in any way we can. It’s my job to make that happen.

What would you like people to know about 90?

90 seconds removes all the complexity and hidden costs from the video production process and offers a service with unparalleled scalability. On top of that we are fully integrated with Youtube ensuring all videos are fully optimised and ready to be found.

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