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Can you turn your life around simply by changing your thinking? Dr Tom did and from his experience, he has created a life-changing toolkit so that you can too.

The Healthy Thinking® system helps people manage their emotions to get better clarity and enjoyment out of life. You can control your emotions rather than them controlling you.

Dr Tom’s Healthy Thinking books are in 12 countries, made the best seller list in places like India and the on-line program is about to be distributed in 27 countries.

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Dr Tom Mulholland is the founder of the Healthy Thinking Institute. He has a 1st Class Honours degree in molecular biology, is a Medical Doctor, bestselling author and global speaker and trainer. He describes himself as an Emotional Architect, designing tools for people to change their attitudes, and their lives.

In spite of his impressive CV, Dr Tom learned through personal experience that life sometimes serves up lemons. He had to cope with a few disasters in a row like being hit by a 20 foot high Tsunami at 2am while working at a surf camp in Java, his wife leaving him, being stabbed in a home invasion then losing control of a company he founded while was trying to look after his two children, work as a doctor and deal with the pain of divorce.
Dr Tom made a personal discovery that would not only bring him out of a dejected state but would also become a visionary concept that would help tens of thousands of people around the world to perceive situations with greater clarity and to behave in ways that produce positive, motivating outcomes.

Today, Dr Tom walks the walk. He will show you how to turn life’s lemons into lemonade and diagnose and treat attitude illness in yourself and others. You can make crucial changes in your thinking that will change the outcome of most situations – not just in times of crisis but in every part of your life.

With a strong science and business background to compliment his many years of clinical experience as a hospital Emergency Department doctor, he knows full well the consequences of having an unhealthy attitude. Using his own experience and his post graduate training in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, he has written books and designed teaching programs around Healthy Thinking. His books have become international bestsellers and his corporate engagements make him one of the most in-demand change agents in Australasia. He has been employed by leadership and business teams from Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Hilton, St John Ambulance, Air New Zealand and hundreds of other organisations. Dr Tom firmly believes that Healthy Thinking is like learning a new language of self talk. Using techniques like Emotional Algebra® he gives individuals, teams and organizations the tools to change attitudes, emotions and behaviours from unhealthy to healthy. “You don’t buy a book on Spanish, read it once then say you can speak Spanish. Healthy Thinking is like anti-virus software for the mind; if you want it to work, you have to install it, then run it,” he says.

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