Killarney Dental Clinic Auckland gives Talia Bennett a new smile – Miss New Zealand 2012

Follow the journey of Talia Bennett at the Killarney Dental Clinic as they help her to prepare for Miss Universe in December 2012.

Focusing on the glamorous cosmetic aspect of the industry Killarney Dental are working with Talia who is Miss New Zealand 2012 to increase her confidence, with a new, better more open smile.

Dr. Gil Stehbens (Gilbert Stehbens) and the skill of the team at Killarney Dental is showcased through before and after shots of Talia’s smile.

“They say a smile is the language of the world”

Talia chose Killarney Dental Clinic for their specialities in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening, also their ability to pick out the most subtle flaws in your smile that is not noticeable to untrained eyes.

This gives Miss New Zealand 2012 a even better chance of winning Miss Universe 2012.

We are one of the best Dentists in Auckland and the best dentist in Takapuna.

Killarney Dental

We rated the 90 experience:

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