Kiwi’s in San Fran talk next AC!

As the America’s Cup nears the end, we ask kiwis in San Francisco, and some locals what they think about:

1. If we win, where do you want the Americas cup, Auckland?

2. Now that we know how to sail these new super hi-tech boats, the AC 72s should keep them for the Americas cup or open the race up?

3. The NZ people by way of the NZ government has put in a good chunk of money, are you keen for them to so it again for the next one?

4. It’s estimated to cost around $7 or $8 per person, what do think if that?

Kiwis who have had an experience in San Francisco seem to feel an overwhelming success for greater New Zealand than just winning with sailing.

And, the girls love our kiwi guys! Bonus.

Moa Beer

Overall pretty Happy

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