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A personal profile of Auckland based 90 seconds video consultant Michael Bongiovanni.

Meet Michael Bongiovanni from 90Seconds.TV

Why does web video excite you?
Video excites me because I believe it can underpin and improve other digital initiatives within any company or industry. From Search Engine Optimisation to Email Marketing to Conversion Rate to Social Media and display advertising video strengthens all of these initiatives.

How is your role important to the production process?
My job is to understand what your current online initiatives are and to help apply video in order to make your online business more successful. If I do a good job scoping the project with the client the production process is much smoother, as the saying goes good information in equals’ good information out.

What would you like people to know about 90?
90 manages to maintain a culture of nimbleness and flexibility while at the same time having a tested online cloud production platform that works globally. In one conversation I can be helping to pull off a shoot in Kerikeri in 12 hours. The next conversation is organising shoots in the UK, US, NZ, AU and Japan with a growing global company.

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