Moa Beer & Moa Man @ NZPGA – The Hills Golf Course Queenstown – Sculpture Tour

Moa Beer & MoaMan are touring the sculptures during the NZPGA at Michael Hill’s The Hills Golf Course in world famous Queenstown, New Zealand.

Moa Beer with its two on course bars, another one at the 19th hole & the other at the Party Hole 15th at the NZPGA 2013 sponsored by Moa Beer, an award-winning Marlborough-based brewery that was recently the official beer for New Zealand at the London Olympics. The Party Hole at the 15th has a silent disco, two for one drinks for any Eagles & Moa Beer also gave beer master classes & tasting sessions in the afternoon, not to mention Moa Man running around, try that for a laugh.

Moa Beer is the beer that comes from Marlborough, which is nice, because mostly Marlborough just makes wine, which is a bit boring. Moa uses the same deep bore water locals use to grow grapes & put out house fires.

Moa Beer is also made the way beer used to be made before everyone started making it differently.

So if somehow someone from 1950 travelled in time to go to the pub & had a Moa Beer today they wouldn’t be surprised by its full bodied taste. This is because Moa Beer is made by lots of people & not many machines, as opposed to lots of machines & not many people. They would however, be surprised by the cost as Moa is quite expensive & they’d be used to only paying two & six. Whatever that is.

Held at The Hills Golf Course in Queenstown which is set over 500 acres of land across a glacial valley, The Hills is home to an incredible array of flora including native brown top grasses & wild native mountain tussocks. Sculptures crafted by New Zealand artists compliment the natural beauty of the course’s lakes, waterways & wetland areas. Winter snow & frost conditions provide the ideal climate for the finest grasses suited to the modern day game of golf. The 19th will create an environment where everyone can enjoy the atmosphere of the tournament, whether they are golf fans or not!

The tournament incorporates the NZPGA Championship the McDougall Cup first being played for in 1920.The tournament has a unique format & incorporates two separate competitions – an individual professional tournament with a NZ$450,000 prize & a team competition which features 66 invited amateur golfers playing alongside the professionals.

Moa Man & Moa Beer has been spotted at the Kiwi House with the Olympics keen kiwis, Moa Beer being the official beer for New Zealand at the London Olympics & now at the NZPGA 2013 held at The Hills Golf Course in Queenstown, NZ. Moa Man even got to brush shoulders with John Key, not once but twice.

A keen sponsor of the arts, Sir Michael Hill believes we are only limited by the extent of our imagination. ”In New Zealand, young people are not exposed to art & sculpture in the same way they are in Europe. If people are aware of art by physically seeing & touching it, it tweaks the senses & creates out of the box solutions to all sorts of things. Love it or hate it, art stimulates thought & creativity.”

What sound does a Moa make? ehhhhaaaa

Moa Beer

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